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Specializing in Forages, Grasses, Native and Reclamation Species
Dalsace Freres - Europe and the Mediterranean (Macon, France)
Dalsace Freres orginated as seed brokers in 1927, based in Paris, France.  In 2002 Dalsace Freres, now located in Macon, France, celebrated their 75th year as International Grain & Seed Brokers.  The business has grown over the years along with the items that they broker and represent: forage and turg seeds, birdseed, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, commodities, pulses, potatoes, onions, garlic, grains & oilcakes.
Key People: Christophe Dalsace, Gregoire Dalsace, Jean Boutet, and Sophie Berlemont

Dalsace Freres and the Zuelzer Group have had an ongoing co-brokerage arrangement since 1952.